32 thoughts on “Seedpod

  1. Hey artsy, I believe this is my favourite shot of yours! Honestly, I was holding my breath while the page was loading! The magic is in the details… Stunning!

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    • Yes, they are, steve; in fact, I stole some more dead agapanthus flowers a few months ago from a public planting (I didn’t think anyone would mind….), and every now and then, I take photos of them, when I feel the urge for some macro work. They even have some cobwebs…They reside in my kitchen in a pot.

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  2. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but it never fails to amaze me how photographers can make art from the most unlikely of subjects – and this no exception – inspired vision.

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    • LOL…george, I always appreciate your considered comments; however, ‘inspired vision’ is going a bit too far, in my view!

      In fact, the more that I look at this pic, I can see it would be improved 100% if I cropped it half an inch off the top, so that all we see is the seedpod and the other one on the right. Would make for a much cleaner, more focused-on-the-subject, minimalist look. Agree?

      For ‘inspired vision’ come back on feb20 to see Flapjack two.

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