Wavey -- © 2008-2012 jmnowak, all rights reserved

Wavey — © 2008-2012 jmnowak, all rights reserved

The ‘new’ apartment block behind St Kilda’s iconic watering hole, Hotel Esplanade, colloquially known as the Espy. The wavey nature of the building is emulating waves, as we are at the seaside! (Artifacting in the sky is the result of poor processing, but I don’t mind its effect since this will never be printed.)

24 thoughts on “Wavey

  1. I like the elegance of these waves and the colour combination.

    P.S. And Thanks for your hint regarding the ‘gap’ in my blog. I fixed it : )

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    • Thanks, buntag! Please see my reply to LenScaper re the building.
      Will come and visit to view your ‘Bistro’ post — mouth-brothels is a new one on me! ;)

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    • Thanks, andy! Art Deco, one of my fave styles too and I can see it here, just a little. St Kilda is an arts community and the local Council is encouraging of buildings that show more style and grace and creativity than the usual ugly square boxes that go up elsewhere. Actually, this new building fits in quite well with the Victorian-era style of the Espy (which is painted white) particularly because of its clean lines, and I have no doubt if you saw the complete building you’d like it even more!

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      • OK, will do, look forward to seeing them! BTW, there are plenty of Art Deco buildings in Melbourne too, especially St Kilda, my old stomping ground. I’m not an architecture photographer, per se, but may take some pix of the more-interesting ones and post on my other more-ordinary blog at some point in the future (am busy at present with downloading and culling some images I’ve taken over the past year, well over 1600, phew! Yes, I know, haven’t been feeling motivated, but….). See ya!

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