19 thoughts on “The Autumn leaves

  1. I like this picture very much, and it reminds me that you’re in the southern hemisphere, and are enjoying autumn. How beautiful.

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    • Thanks, ken! Don’t know that I can recall what I did, but here goes….I used my 28-105mm lens in macro mode (60mm), and had the camera set to the full matrix focusing, so that I could be highly selective in the area I wanted in focus, kinda the top to middle-left. I guess I should really call this bokeh rather than blur. Handheld. No flash. Potplant located outside one of the apartments in the complex where I live. Picasa for post-processing, did very little. :)

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    • Thank you, anna, one of my faves too. Nandina — could be but not sure, it has really small white berries in a tapered bunch, never seen it in flower! :)

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